October 2-4, 2015

Industry City, Brooklyn

Coney Island Brewing Co

HISTORY Coney Island Brewing Co. was started as a labor of love in 2007 by Jeremy Cowen of Shmaltz Brewing Company. Jeremy brewed award-winning lagers under the Coney Island Craft Lager label, all designed with in-your-face artwork featuring iconic imagery and capturing the spirit and flavor of Coney Island. THE “NEW” CONEY A new ride began on August 2013, as Coney Island Brewing Company experienced a transformation. During this exciting new chapter, the company continues to brew world-class Coney Island favorites, Coney Island Mermaid Pilsnersuch as Mermaid Pilsner, while also adding new styles to the mix, like Overpass IPA. Coney Island Brewing Company looks forward to celebrating the local community while exposing more people to the singular thrills that are so unique to the brand and the landmarked locale. The future is bright at Coney Island Brewing Co, just as it is on Coney Island.


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