October 2-4, 2015

Industry City, Brooklyn

Greenport Harbor Brewing

Our Story We make beer in a small craft brewery at the very end of Long Island. Our idea began a long time ago over...well...a pretty terrible beer. We (John from NY and Rich from Boston) met in college and had to drink whatever beer we could afford in those days. As the years went by, the better the beer we con- sumed, the more we became consumed by it. We read about beer. We talked about beer. We began making our own beer. And finally, we began dreaming about opening our own brewery. As of today, we have brewed over 30 different beers including our flagships Harbor Ale and Black Duck Porter, our Project Hoppiness offerings and our reoccurring limited releases. It is served in over 200 places on Long Island and New York City. And we’re proud to say that since our open- ing, we have been singled out for nearly every one of our beers : from the Village Voice to the Tast- ing Table to TimeOut NY to Newsday to The Wall Street Journal to countless beer and food blogs.


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