October 2-4, 2015

Industry City, Brooklyn


Barry Nalebuff, co-founder of Honest Tea and a professor at the Yale School of Management, and Ariel Glazer, a natural foods entrepreneur and former Goldman Sachs analyst, met while trekking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Southwest China.  According to legend, in order to escape a hunter, a tiger leaped across the vast gorge and made it to safety. Barry and Ariel's encounter was a bit less dramatic. They met at a guesthouse midway through the trek.   After completing the second day of the trek, on the long bus ride back to the nearest town, Ariel and Barry found themselves yapping and sharing their culinary endeavors with each other.  And soon realized that they shared the same entrepreneurial values and, of course, the love of making wholesome and delicious food and drink.   The idea of making kombucha that is low in calories, delicious, and slightly alcoholic had been brewing in Barry's mind for a while.  John Hillgen, one of Barry's students at Yale School of Management, a doctor and a co-owner of several wine stores, fell in love with this concept and suggested that they start a business together.   When Barry and John were ready to start an alcoholic kombucha business, they asked Ariel to join.  Kombrewcha was born.


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